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What is Making Life Simple?

The Service and how it works ...

We find that the service appeals particularly to those who may have been widowed, where their spouse had previously dealt with money matters, but are no longer there to do so.  In such circumstances, it is often very difficult for people to gain the confidence to deal with their own financial arrangements and a great deal of avoidable anxiety can result.  With our assistance, the worry and anxiety you may be feeling can be alleviated.  This can also be true of people who have simply become isolated over time, or geographically distant from their nearest relatives, without anyone else to help them with their financial organisation.


The Making Life Simple service is also of great value to family members or professionals acting as Attorneys or deputies for relatives or friends.  It has already been embraced enthusiastically by a number of local solicitors who act in these roles for their clients.  It also makes things very much easier when an executor comes to unravelling the personal affairs of a testator when, for example, probate on an estate is required.

Making Life Simple - Safeguarding You and Your Finances ...

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Initial Appraisal
The Making Life Simple service starts with an initial appraisal which involves collecting all recent and historical financial paperwork from the client, taking it away to be grouped and organised.  Older documents that are no longer required are scanned and shredded. 

A full analysis is conducted and a spreadsheet prepared with a snapshot of the client's current financial position.  This is incorporated into a bespoke folder containing all the client’s important and most up-to-date documents which are then retained in an orderly format.   

From here, if appropriate, an action plan to consolidate and simplify finances can be put together.  Any action plan is reviewed with the client.  Their folder is then left with them for safekeeping and any additional assistance required is discussed and agreed.

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