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Working With You - The Briggs/Hanman Family

"Our family was seeking a financial adviser for our elderly parents.  They were at a pivotal time in their lives, moving from a beloved family home of 30 years to a retirement home.  Their previous financial adviser had moved away some 20 years ago and they needed reassurance and kind competence as much as an updated portfolio.

Neil Gayler was recommended by our family solicitor.  I spoke to him initially on the phone and found him to be a good and sympathetic listener.  Most importantly, in our case, Mr Gayler was willing to come to my parents’ house and meet with them.  He took time to listen, to engage in a friendly manner on issues important to their generation and location.  While he was there to advise on their financial assets, the files were secondary to the interest he took in my parents.  He seemed very well-versed in the financial assets my parents had and left them delighted that their affairs were in the hands of someone competent and trustworthy. 

I remained in contact with Mr Gayler during a year of upheaval, moving and resettling.  He did not begin to charge our family until it was clear which areas of their estate needed updating, but he was generous with his time and advice each time I called or e-mailed.  We would highly recommend Mr Gayler.  He is a lifelong Cheltonian with a passion for his town and the possibility of contributing stability and sound advice to his clients."

Elizabeth Hanman

Senior Woman
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