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Our Story - How did it begin ... ?

Neil Gayler, our founder, outlines how Making Life Simple was created.

"Making Life Simple really began in 2016 when, in my capacity as an IFA, I visited an elderly prospective client (Mr Rubble in our "Case Studies" section).  This came about as a result of a referral from a local solicitor who was aware that we were the local firm with recognised expertise in later life advice and care fees planning.

During my initial meeting with Mr Rubble at his home, it became apparent that he did not need any financial advice or care fees planning advice, but desperately needed help

sorting out his financial paperwork.  I told him that I thought that the most valuable thing we could do for him was to help him get financially organised and to stay that way.  Having outlined the service we were proposing, and Mr Rubble having discussed it with his niece, he decided to engage our services.

Making Life Simple was, therefore, born as a service that was offered through my IFA practice.  When I sold that regulated business, I established this service as a standalone proposition as part of the ongoing, non-regulated services offered at Neil Gayler & Co.

When Mr Rubble passed away in 2019, his paperwork was collected by his solicitor so that probate could be granted.  The solicitor called me to ask if I would go to see him as he had collected our Making Life Simple folder and wanted to talk to me about it.  During the meeting, he said what a great idea it was and how much easier it was going to make his job.  He has regularly referred clients to us since."

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